Talk to the T. rex

An AI powered bot for learning

Fancy talking to a dinosaur?

We asked ourselves how we could use AI to help kids talk to and learn from something that hasn’t been around for over 65 million years. The answer? Easy. Bring it back to life.


On average, users download zero new apps per month because people are suffering from 'app fatigue' and there has been a shift across from applications to messaging platforms. Add to this that the average UK child is now more likely to be able to confidently use a mobile phone before being able to ride a bike and that over 70% of children have access to a touch-screen device at home, and its clear that it's time to hack learning.

The idea

Just because museums explore history, doesn’t mean they have to be stuck in the past, and let's be honest, information boards aren’t the most exciting things in the world. We wanted to create an interactive and engaging experience that allowed children to learn whilst having fun using an interface that is both natural and familiar - chat.


We created a chatbot that allows you to have a conversation with a T. rex - a world first! Using questions from school children we trained the smart chatbot to answer the most common queries and even gave it a personality by adding a few cheeky ones of our own. Users can ask the T. rex any question that takes their fancy, from ‘What’s your natural habitat’ to ‘Do you like Jurassic Park?’

We then teamed up with National Geographic Kids to give Tina a home and she went to live across their UK, NZ, Australian and South African Facebook pages. As Facebook is for 13 years +, our messaging was focused towards parents to use alongside their kids, for an educational and fun experience for both.


Tina lived on the NG KiDS Facebook pages for a month. In the first two weeks, the UK page saw actions on the page double, a 59% increase in likes over a similar period and a 2000% rise in visits. We had incredible feedback from parents, kids and press, including Fast Company, who called her "The First Truly Awesome Chatbot”.

National Geographic said:

"The team were super easy to work with and most importantly, accommodating of our brand needs and values. The whole process ran smoothly and was extremely well managed. Tina was a perfect fit for us - she merged education with fun which is just what NG KiDS is all about. We’ve loved working with her (and rehabstudio!) - in fact, we’ve become very attached to her!” - Gemma Chandler, Digital Editor at National Geographic Kids.

Want to say hello?

Tina has now moved home. If you'd like to ask her a question, just visit or add her on Telegram - just try not to make her angry.