Starbucks Community Board

The community message board, reinvented with Google Fiber.

Hacking America’s Fastest Coffee Shop

Starbucks, Kansas City became the first coffee shop in the world to use Google Fiber. They challenged us to recreate their community board using 1GB broadband speed (internet that is x100 faster than than a regular internet connection) to bring their coffee community closer together.

The Key Insight

Communication is at the heart of community and with Google technology we can provide rich and relevant content to improve traditional pinboard notices in community hubs like coffee shops.

The Execution

Hacking Starbucks’ familiar pen-and-paper message board, we built a groundbreaking news, weather and community message board system. On a high definition Google Earth-type screen, customers are served with real-time local information, tagged by locations sometimes just a few blocks away. Logging onto the store's super-fast WiFi network, customers could delve deeper, post community messages and explore content from local and national news outlets.

Image 2

The Results

While the new Community Board is currently being beta tested in Kansas City, there are plans to introduce them across the US as Google Fiber becomes available across the country.