Made With Code

Change is made with code

Google’s Made with Code was set up with the intention of inspiring young women to get into coding, changing its image as a “no girls welcome” zone.  

When young women learn to code, they unleash their potential to change the world for the better. We were tasked with bringing this messaging to life encouraging young women to become the change they want to see in the world.

Today’s young women are part of the most empowered generation yet. They believe that change is possible: they’re entrepreneurial, globally-minded, and politicised. However, most young people simply don’t understand just how powerful code can be. We wanted to show them that code can be the means with which they achieve their biggest goals

Our creative and strategy teams crafted a single vision for the project - establishing and implementing a written and visual language to bring the project to life and creating a brand for the campaign.

We used Blockly, an online coding platform developed by Google, and tasked girls to create their own unique ‘coded design’ which featured illustrations and a statement of protest. Their final design would act as a digital protest banner which they could share on their social sites.

So far, nearly a million people have visited the site and over a hundred thousand designs have been coded. The project was a huge highlight of the Global Citizen’s Festival as the designs took centre stage as a backdrop for Ellie Goulding’s live performance.

The most important result however, is that now more young women feel inspired to change the world through code.

Made with Code continues to run projects, including a recent campaign that allows you to code a message of empowerment to honour the female mathematicians in 20th Century Fox’s Hidden Figures.