Political emojis to engage the idle British youth-voter.

Express yourself with Politicons

Don’t you find that often your feelings towards British Politics are too sophisticated to be summarised by a kissy-face? Us too. Imagine how the disconnected Youth Voters feel.


During the 2015 General Election, it was revealed that 18-24 year olds are traditionally the age group with the highest non-voter rates.


We hacked traditional emojis and created a Political language that the disengaged Youth-Vote could get on-board with, in the form of 43 Politicons. Users could instantly download the entire set or individual Politicons, for use on WhatsApp, Facebook and in text messages on iOS and Android; the emoji sticker-set covered topics from the cost of living, budget cuts and even Anonymous hackers in a bid to engage young people on the subjects that matter to them. The emoji sticker-set will be available on Facebook Messenger (subject to their approval) imminently.


Politicons have been written about in numerous print and online publications, including The Guardian, The Metro, It’s Nice That and The Mirror. Natalie Bennett (Leader of The Green Party) even commented on her Politicon saying she could see a ‘real likeness’.


  • Alex Tyler
  • Tom LeBree
  • Francesca Darlington
  • Linda Murphy-Ericsson
  • Jordan Fisher
  • Nathalie Gordon
  • Chris Kerr
  • Eoghan O'Keeffe
  • Claire Wilgar
  • David Wood