Pick me up, knock me down

The website turning compliments and insults into an artform.

We’d be happy bring you up or someone else down

Everyone has that one friend who needs to be brought down a peg or two and we’ve all felt a bit low, in desperate need of a pick-me-up- it’s exactly those two scenarios where Pick me up, Knock me down comes in handy.

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The Website offers users two options, they can either chose to receive a ‘Pick Me Up’ (a compliment) or a ‘Knock Me Down’ (an insult). Users can also submit their own compliments or insults which can be voted on. The best Pick Ups or Put Downs will then be featured on the site's leaderboard.

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There have already been over 10,000 entries so far and counting. With a surprising ⅔ of the entries being compliments, we are currently looking to expand the idea with an ecommerce site where users can buy their Pick Ups or Put downs on merchandise.


  • Tim Rodgers
  • Francesca Darlington
  • Nick Fearnley
  • Adam Daly
  • Ricky Dunlop
  • Massimo Meijer
  • Byron Manley
  • Chris Kerr