Give a Crap

In November we asked the world's wealthiest to donate the money they earn while taking a dump.

Do you #giveacrap?

According to WaterAid, 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have access to a basic toilet. As a result, poor sanitation and unsafe water causes around 500,000 preventable child deaths a year. We set out to raise awareness by supporting Water Aid’s ‘World Toilet Day’ on 19th November.

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Even meaningless tasks can have immense value, like going to the toilet.


We targeted the world’s wealthiest on Twitter - calculating (roughly) how much each of them earns while they’re sitting on the toilet and challenging them to donate it to WaterAid.


We built where visitors can swot up on the ‘outgoings’ of the world’s rich and famous, from Oprah and Adele to Mark Zuckerberg and Mick Jagger. In just a few clicks they can tweet this info to a famous person of their choice and encourage them to donate it to WaterAid. They can even ‘cack-u-late’ the value of their own toilet time.

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The Results launched on 19th November and has since appeared in various online publications including Econsultancy’s top 7 social media campaigns of the month.


  • Alex Tyler
  • Tom LeBree
  • Stephen Horner
  • Francesca Darlington
  • Chris Kerr
  • Ben Moran