Getting Europe digitally savvy

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Digital support for businesses to maximise their online opportunity

As part of a global initiative, Google asked us to help build a platform to educate and inspire small to medium sized businesses to grow their companies by improving their digital skills


In the UK alone, there are over 5.4 million businesses and over 99% of them are small to medium sized. Companies with a strong digital presence grow much faster, yet less than 30% are currently online. Our research told us that this was because many companies weren't sure where to start or how to go about it. They also wanted the flexibility to learn wherever, whenever.


The Digital Garage is a bespoke learning tool. Each visitor receives a plan tailored to their needs and can learn at a pace that suits them. The courses cover topics such as ‘getting your business online’ and ‘search engine marketing’. At the end of the experience, customers walk away with both an accreditation recognised by the IAB and a firm foundation in the digital landscape. The website is available in 23 languages to date, with more to follow.

Technical Challenge

We created a comprehensive, interactive "Diagnostics Tool" that suggests a personal learning plan based upon the user's answers to a set of questions. Each plan is tailored to the visitor’s commercial situation, current knowledge levels and goals. Teaching materials within the topics take the form of videos accompanied by interactive quizzes and assessments that help the user learn and retain knowledge. We used Material Design for the site to make the experience easy to navigate and explore. For build, we concentrated firstly on the mobile experience before opening to desktops, ensuring the learning experience is seamless regardless of what device you use.


Digital Garage has launched in 27 European markets to date, with over 1 million users creating an account and over 6 million completed lessons. We are now live in Japan and there are plans to roll out to Africa, Asia, South America and Australia. We aim to train 2M people in EMEA on digital skills by the end of 2016.