A video that changes before your very eyes.

Virgin Mobile is right for you… Virgin Mobile is right for you…

Mother NYC asked for our help to communicate the benefits and misconceptions around Virgin Mobile for their Retrain Your Brain campaign.

The Execution

We created Blinkwashing - a program that uses motion capture and eye recognition software together with the user’s webcam to detect each time they blink.

Image 1

Each blink prompted a YouTube player to switch between 25 wildly different videos - all of which shared the same time-coded script. So no matter how many times a user blinked, the new video would pick up precisely where the previous one ended. This way, each user had a completely unique experience. And probably another go.

The Results

By creating this fun, first of its kind, platform we garnered 50 million earned media impressions in total, with 57 referral sites linking Blinkwashing globally in the first week alone.